About me and my brand

I amĀ  a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. Tucked into the countryside in northern Switzerland, I create vibrant illustrations and playful patterns. My subjects of choice? Adorable animals and whimsical florals, inspired by childhood memories and my grandfather’s garden.

I enjoy working on client projects and following creative briefs to create the perfect illustrations for their needs. After a cooperation with WWF, I hope to support other sustainable companies convey their important messages through my art.

As my work blossoms, so does my desire to share it with the world. My vision extends beyond my art; I want to ignite a spark in others and encourage them to embrace their own creativity. I founded “SimplySommer,” a brand that celebrates the beauty in everyday moments. She believe that art has the power to inspire, uplift, and connect people across the world.

The process counts

Being creative is an important part of my life. The main focus is not always “creating something pretty” but the process of creating.

My process

How my art comes to life

Inspired by nature

I love being outdoors and usually have my eyes peeled for interesting textures, forms and colors.

Sketching process

I usually do a few more sketches in my sketchbook before redrawing the elements on the ipad.

Creating the digital artwork

I upload the sketches and drawings onto my laptop. The patterns I create in Illustrator and images I clean up in Photoshop.

Finished pattern

My patterns can be used on various products such as fabric, wallpaper, stationery, packaging and so much more!