Thank you for the support, Spoonflower!

Thrilled to announce that my business idea was picked by Spoonflower as a runner-up project! 

When I started with surface pattern design, I always dreamt of seeing my creations on products. After half a year of designing, I decided to take action. I sat down and made a list of things I would like to see my patterns on. In the end I put together a sustainability kit for the kitchen with a foldable shopping bag, two vegetable bags, a bread bag and two beeswax bowl covers.

As sewing is not a passion of mine, I contacted a local workshop that supports people with disabilities. They were very interested in my project, loved my patterns and the fabric, and started sewing some prototypes for me. With these sample products, I visited a few local stores and found three that would like to sell my sustainability kits.

In my Spoonflower Grant application, I explained my motives and added photos of the prototypes. When I was contacted by them, I was over the moon! I am so grateful that Spoonflower believes in my project and is supporting me in creating the first few products.

Here are a few pictures of my products. The name of the product line is “wieder und wieder” which is German and means “again and again”. My hope is that people will love the products and the designs on them so much, that they will use them for a long time. This will help to reduce plastic waste in particular.

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